About Redgrave Data

Redgrave Data provides innovative and defensible technology strategies, insights, services, and solutions to clients who face challenges with electronically stored information. Our goal is to reimagine how data is analyzed and used to drive effective business and legal solutions. With an approach that incorporates extensive machine learning and analytics experience including robotic process automation and data visualization, Redgrave Data tackles issues strategically, efficiently, and differently. Our services and experience are centered where law, technology, and science come together as we advocate a multi-disciplinary approach for the development of innovative pathways to navigate complex issues. When organizations desire to reduce risk and increase defensibility, Redgrave Data is positioned to offer solutions—including bespoke systems and expert analysis—that the competition cannot match.

We provide specific solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, whether that means enhancing commercial tools through the use of application programming interfaces (“APIs”) or by building bespoke tools to solve new and unique problems. Our elite level of focus and hands-on approach to client data and information allows us to skillfully support a wide range of areas including information governance, eDiscovery, internal investigations, cybersecurity, forensics, and business intelligence with the help of artificial intelligence, custom application development, and data management.

Beyond the team's exceptional experience, Redgrave Data partners with Redgrave LLP, the industry-leading law firm in Information Law. We work alongside Redgrave LLP as their information governance and eDiscovery technology partner to provide clients with exceptional technology services. Redgrave Data has the technology and ability to store client data for analysis and review to solve client data problems and address key pain points. In turn, these capabilities directly allow the Redgrave LLP team to identify and strategize effective legal solutions. We also have specific experience in the context of building defensible eDiscovery processes, and our team members have testified in court and deposition to defend these strategies. Together, Redgrave Data and Redgrave LLP bring clients a passion for excellence, a wealth of curiosity, level of skill, and dimensions of value that break the mold.

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Redgrave Strategic Data Solutions, LLC (“Redgrave Data”) is an affiliated company of Redgrave LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership. Redgrave LLP has no role in the day-to-day operations of Redgrave Data. Redgrave Data is not a law firm and does not provide legal services.