Our Capabilities

Professional Services

Redgrave Data is a technology services organization. We enlist only the best in industry talent with extensive hands-on data expertise and experience consulting on complex projects. We design protocols, processes, and playbooks that combine technology and manual review in a defensible and cost-effective manner, and carry out these workflows directly or through managed external teams. We provide consulting and testifying expert witness services to accompany this work.

Advanced Technology

Technology agnostic, Redgrave Data leverages commercial used and internally developed tools to execute on complex data review, structured data conversion and analysis, and a host of other data needs. By leveraging technologies such as voice to text transcription, language translation, PII/PHI identification and redaction, sentiment analysis, AI-backed optical character recognition, and image/video analysis, Redgrave Data vastly expands the range of tractable content types in legal matters and advisory contexts. Solutions will also be available for data sources that include short message format, social media, and collaborative platforms.

Redgrave Data offers a broad range of information governance, cyber, forensic, and eDiscovery services. Our capabilities that fall under these categories include: