Matters We Support

Redgrave Data’s experts have worked on thousands of eDiscovery projects, handling every phase from processing to production and every aspect from vendor management to statistical analysis to testimony in court. We have extensive experience using commercial technology assisted review (TAR) and eDiscovery tools on their own, as well as combining off-the-shelf technology with open source, cloud-based, and bespoke software in order to handle the largest and most complex data sources. We use analytics techniques to predict and minimize costs and to evaluate eDiscovery workflows in a defensible manner.
Our experts have experience in a wide range of investigation types. We leverage leading edge artificial intelligence and search technology to rapidly find, or rule out, the key pieces of evidence.
Information Governance
Redgrave Data experts provide consulting, project management, technology services, and analytics in support of complex data retention and defensible deletion projects.
Regulatory compliance frequently involves analysis and management of large data collections. Recent and emerging regulations on privacy and on the use of AI-based predictive models require detailed understanding of the associated technologies. Redgrave Data is ready to help.
Legal Analytics
Legal matters of all sorts increasingly involve multiple complex data sets, often with incompatible formats, data models, and access methods. We can normalize and combine data sets, and can provide compelling, defensible analyses and visualizations.

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