Our People

Redgrave Data is a technology services company that includes award-winning industry leaders in technology assisted review (“TAR”), artificial intelligence (“AI”), analytics, robotic process automation (“RPA”), data visualization, and statistical validation. Our experts support matters and projects in information governance, eDiscovery, investigations, breach response, and any time data is involved. We leverage both commercial and open-source analytics tools, as well as custom application development where needed.


Chief Executive Officer

Durango, Colorado

+1 970.502.3708   •   mollie.nichols@redgravedata.com

Mollie is passionate about understanding and leveraging the role of data to develop innovative and defensible technology strategies and solutions for clients faced with electronically stored information challenges in a legal and compliance context. As the CEO of Redgrave Data, she is a mission-driven, collaborative, and visionary leader of the organization guiding a team of business process, technology, and data professionals to produce data driven solutions.

Chief Strategy Officer

Orlando, Florida

+1 407.515.5536   •   scott.culbertson@redgravedata.com

Scott uses innovative thinking and proven strategy to bring legal technology and business value to organizations. In his role at Redgrave Data, he focuses on identifying, building, and optimizing the group’s overall business strategy.

Chief Scientific Officer

Denver, Colorado

+1 720.520.2338   •   dave.lewis@redgravedata.com

Dave is an industry pioneer in the application of technology and analytics to the law, with over three decades of experience in artificial intelligence (“AI”) and statistics. At Redgrave Data, he utilizes his deep knowledge to support clients in implementing and defending processes that address complex information management issues in litigation, corporate investigations, and regulatory oversight.

Chief Information & Technology Officer

Denver, Colorado

+1 720.814.0816   •   mark.noel@redgravedata.com

Mark is an industry leader in information retrieval and the use of search, analytics, and machine learning tools in electronic discovery and investigations. At Redgrave Data, Mark oversees the development and delivery of legal technology cloud services and solutions to provide custom solutions to clients.

Chief Services Officer

New York, New York

+1 646.285.8138   •   lindsey.worth@redgravedata.com

Lindsey is a leader in technology assisted review (“TAR”) and eDiscovery process development. In her role at Redgrave Data, she is responsible for the delivery of professional services, such as consulting, project management, process improvement, and vendor management.

Our Team

Head of Automation, Infrastructure and Reporting

Boulder, Colorado

+1 970.652.6928   •   adam.barr@redgravedata.com

Adam is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of invaluable experience in eDiscovery. With a specialization in implementing large-scale corporate eDiscovery solutions, he excels in configuring customized multi-matter environments that optimize efficiency and enhance the overall intelligence of the process.  Adam possesses a unique skill set that includes implementing automated services, KPI dashboards, machine learning integrations, decision re-use workflows, and custom applications. His diverse expertise allows him to tailor solutions specific to each client's needs, resulting in streamlined workflows and improved outcomes.

Head of technical operations

Boulder, CO

+1 240.676.8964   •   deanna.blomquist@redgravedata.com

Deanna brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of driving organizational change, optimizing operational efficiency, and delivering value-added services. At Redgrave Data, Deanna’s expertise lies in overseeing the organization’s technology strategy and leading the operational delivery of our team while providing the best possible service to our clients.

Marketing Manager

Nashville, Tennessee

+1 423.766.1711   •   rees.crosby@redgravedata.com

Rees has nearly a decade of experience in the marketing and communications space, and he is skilled at identifying, developing, and executing strategic initiatives for success. His work at Redgrave Data focuses on the effective and efficient management of complex marketing strategies, including branding, media relations, creative services, and digital communication.  

Business Development Specialist

Arvada, Colorado

+1 970.852.8725   •   james.dallas@redgravedata.com

James has a proven track record of driving revenue growth and thriving in dynamic environments that demand precision and accuracy. Throughout his career, Jim has excelled in business development roles by consistently identifying, and pursuing valuable opportunities to generate new company revenue and improve the bottom line. His extensive experience includes aligning sales campaigns with marketing and senior management to drive cohesive strategies and achieve key performance indicator goals.

Vice President of Business Development

Denver, Colorado

+1 303.328.1258   •   derek.duvall@redgravedata.com

Derek has a strong passion and dynamic energy for helping companies discover technology solutions to reduce risk and leverage cost savings. At Redgrave Data, he oversees the client relationship development and growth strategy for the organization's global, collaborative team of professionals.

Business Data Analyst

Stone Ridge, Virginia

+1 571.835.4861   •   nicolas.edier@redgravedata.com

Nicolas is a dedicated and results-driven Business Data Analyst with a strong background in finance and a passion for leveraging data to drive strategic decision-making. At Redgrave Data, Nicolas contributes to overall financial analysis and business intelligence initiatives by investigating options to increase operational performance, optimize pricing, and forecasting models through meticulous research and data analysis.

Senior Vice President of AI Legal Strategy

Washington, DC

+1 202.763.4928   •   tara.emory@redgravedata.com

Tara is an experienced legal technology consultant and lawyer, with a focus on guiding legal teams on efficient and compliant uses of Artificial Intelligence. Her expertise bridges the areas of law, data compliance, and technical aspects of data and software.

Advanced Discovery Solution Consultant

San Francisco, California

+1 408.315.5374  •   felipe.flores@redgravedata.com

Felipe is a seasoned and dynamic eDiscovery professional with over 15 years of experience in project management and consulting services in the legal industry. At Redgrave Data, Felipe utilizes his significant trial experience in a wide range of matters to guide his efforts to recommend trial technology solutions in complex litigation and investigations.


Data Scientist

Washington, DC

+1 571.305.0220  •   lenora.gray@redgravedata.com

Lenora works with project teams to understand client business needs and deploy analytics solutions. Her role on the data science team includes designing and carrying out analyses of structured and unstructured data sets, building predictive models for use in technology-assisted review (TAR) workflows, implementing automation solutions, developing custom software, and engaging in collaborative research with the aim to advance understanding and innovation within the field, ultimately contributing to more efficient and effective eDiscovery practices.

Senior Consultant

Durango, Colorado

+1 415.830.0077   •   france.jaffe@redgravedata.com

France has significant experience consulting with clients regarding issues arising at the intersection of law and technology. At Redgrave Data, France serves as a trusted advisor to clients and their legal counsel on these challenges.

Head Solutions Architect

Washington, DC 

+1 202.309.7278   •   michael.kearney@redgravedata.com

Michael is a leader in developing technical solutions and processes to address complex issues related to electronically stored information. At Redgrave Data, he is responsible for manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing structured and unstructured data.

Advanced Discovery Solution Consultant

Fairfax Station, Virginia

+1 571.866.1658   •   emily.liu@redgravedata.com

Emily is a seasoned eDiscovery professional with a rich background encompassing both government and private sector experience. With a distinguished tenure at an AmLaw100 firm and a notable track record in the third-party service provider space, Emily brings a unique perspective to the realm of legal technology. Her exceptional critical thinking skills have been honed through years of tackling intricate challenges on large and complex cases including the Deepwater Horizon litigation and also litigation arising from the events of Hurricane Katrina, two of the historically largest eDiscovery cases in U.S. history. Leveraging this expertise, Emily now offers top-tier consulting services, delivering strategic insights and solutions that drive success in the ever-evolving landscape of eDiscovery.

Advanced Discovery Solution Consultant

Chicago, Illinois

+ 1 773.718.0437   •  jesse.lively@redgravedata.com

Jesse is a seasoned eDiscovery professional with experience in both the government and private sector. With impressive tenures at several prominent professional service firms and government agencies, Jesse brings a unique outlook to the ever-evolving landscape of legal technology. His legal and analytical acumen has been refined through the years in his work in mass tort litigation, litigation support, and eDiscovery services. Jesse now leverages this experience to offer premier consulting services in the eDiscovery field.

Director of Client Solutions

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

+1 610.233.6337   •   wilzette.louis@redgravedata.com

Wilzette is a skilled eDiscovery leader with a deep technology background and significant experience managing complex eDiscovery projects. As Director of Client Solutions at Redgrave Data, Wilzette advises client teams on approaches for using technology and advanced workflows to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and overall client satisfaction.

Director of Information Technology

Louisville, Kentucky

+1 502.974.6096   •   edwin.mcqueen@redgravedata.com

Ed brings extensive software and systems knowledge from over two decades of experience providing litigation project management and technology services. He sets the vision for our internal uses of technology, and supports our professional services and consulting practices with internal operations, technical infrastructure, and software systems architecture and security.

Director of Program Management

New York, New York

+1 771.215.9833 •  maria.merrill@redgravedata.com

Maria is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in in project/program management, eDiscovery, strategy and legal operations, and advising corporate counsel. She has extensive experience in developing programs and designing workflows that improve customer experiences in various platforms.

Head of Applied Science

Delhi, New York

+1 607.873.4631  •   jeremy.pickens@redgravedata.com

Jeremy is a leading information retrieval scientist and pioneer in the fields of collaborative exploratory search and technology assisted review (TAR). As Head of Applied Science at Redgrave Data, he leads research and development projects in machine learning, information retrieval, natural language processing, human-computer interface design, and related areas of computer science and artificial intelligence.

Director of Ediscovery Services

Chicago, Illinois

+1 773.394.1147   •   adam.poeppelmeier@redgravedata.com

Adam has an extensive background in eDiscovery, analytics, and business intelligence. At Redgrave Data, he provides oversight and consulting on the defensible use of technology assisted review (“TAR”) and other advanced technology in complex regulatory requests, investigations, and litigation. He also uses his business intelligence experience to help clients identify and track key metrics to make their matters and legal technology initiatives more efficient.

Deputy Chief Technology Officer

San Francisco, California

+1 415.635.7160   •   benton.roberts@redgravedata.com

Benton has decades of experience designing, building, and managing secure cloud operations, including collaborating with AWS to create prototypes, applications, and solutions in the legal technology space. At Redgrave Data, he focuses on creating high-quality solutions for clients that are more efficient, effective, and economical than commercial eDiscovery and Information Governance offerings.

Director of Strategic Consulting

Kansas City, Kansas

+1 913.386.0188   •   tom.seymour@redgravedata.com

Tom is an industry leader with 20 years of experience addressing complex eDiscovery and Information Governance challenges. At Redgrave Data, he is responsible for architecting eDiscovery and IG solutions; developing new strategic consulting services; and leading complex projects.

Advanced Discovery Solution Consultant

Denver, Colorado

+1 720.392.4474   •   philip.thomas@redgravedata.com

Phil is a skilled eDiscovery professional with over 15 years of experience developing targeted advice and solutions for clients. As Senior Project Manager at Redgrave Data, Phil oversees a variety of TAR, analytics, and litigation support projects with an emphasis on the integration of advanced technologies.

Advanced Discovery Solution Consultant

Charlotte, North Carolina

+1 803.876.8961   •   amy.totten@redgravedata.com

Amy is passionate about developing relationships with clients and working with them as a trusted advisor. As Senior Project Manager at Redgrave Data, Amy oversees a range of client projects and services, including those focused on technology assisted review (TAR), analytics, and complex litigation support.

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