B.A., Texas Tech University

Rees Crosby

Marketing Manager

Nashville, Tennessee

+ 1 423.766.1711  •

Industry Experience

With nearly a decade of experience in the marketing and communications space, Rees
is skilled at identifying, developing, and executing strategic initiatives for success. His
work focuses on the effective and efficient management of complex marketing
strategies, including branding, media relations, creative services, and digital communication.

As Marketing Manager at Redgrave Data, Rees effectively combines big-picture strategy and tactical execution to ensure that Redgrave Data continues its rise. He integrates
key data findings to drive the direction of brand awareness, content creation, digital
promotion, and social media strategy. Rees works with the Redgrave Data team to
implement strategies to elevate the brand and services of the organization, along with
developing informative content and events for clients. Through his data-driven
approach to marketing, Rees creates marketing plans and initiatives that address client
issues and market trends that drive the need for Redgrave Data’s services and solutions.

Prior to joining Redgrave Data, Rees worked in-house at a marketing agency supporting
a range of clients and industries. He has also held marketing and sales roles in the
public service, graphics, and food manufacturing industries.

Rees graduated from The Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University with his B.A. in Business Administration-Marketing.

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